About us


We are B2Ai. We build for you: homes, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals… From the smallest to the biggest possible scale, private assignments and public tenders. For our multidisciplinary team of 120 employees, people are always the measure of things.

Our approach is based on three values: human-oriented, curious, professional. These values are further developed within five core themes. Our primary goal is to design environments for the people who are actually going to live there, work there, stay there. We research how people experience space and how they dream about space, in an architectural, sociological, and an economical sense. B2Ai focuses on its customers, works professionally, and always aims for superior quality. For each project, we assemble a team of collaborators best suited for the assignment; every team is leaded by one of the firm’s partners. The design and project architects labour over every single detail and guide the project until it is finished and delivered. The project director serves as a personal point of contact for the customer.

Our teams in Brussels, Ghent, Roeselare, and Lille can work independently from each other, but also regularly come together to share their extensive knowledge and expertise to create essential plans for complex situations. To this end, our 120 employees boast extensive knowledge and experience.

The firm has been operating under the name B2Ai since 2017. The architecture collective’s roots are in Brussels and West Flanders. In 1979, the late Hendrik Vermoortel founded the celebrated BURO II agency. Philémon Wachtelaer opened the renowned ARCHI+I in Brussels four years later. BURO II opened an office in Ghent in 2009. In 2011, BURO II and ARCHI+I decided to merge on basis of their shared values and ambitions, creating an architecture firm with three locations. Since 2017, the firm has been expanding its human-centred approach under the new name B2Ai. The 4-partner structure was abandoned in March of 2018, moving forward under management with a CEO and a unitary shareholding structure.